By moving beyond the physical expression of yoga, we find liberation. Freedom from our hurt, anxiety, and consuming stress. Freedom to be ourself. For some, this practice is highly physical, for others it's slow and meditative, some are even napping. Whatever your yoga, we want it to set you free and make you happy. 

Our Team


Tony Cintrony

I was raised in a very religious and conservative Latinx family. To this day, I feel gratitude for the inspiration devout religion has taught me. However, i very quickly as a child, realized that I did not fit the ideal of what it took to be a believer. So I dedicated my youth to the journey of becoming a man of God. I moved from Florida to Alaska, the day after graduating high school. I spent over a decade studying the Bible, thousands of hours in prayer, and several years in gay-conversion therapy.

I came to believe that God hated me, and that if I ever fell off his path, he would send me to hell for eternity. This cemented a tremendous anxiety in me, I thought nothing could ever heal.

Yoga set me free from decades of self hatred and crippling anxiety. And It wasn't hash tags or hot pants that did it.

It was the act of letting go of everything that didn't serve me. I exhaled my inadequacy and I inhaled the freedom to be myself. A proud gay Latinx Yogi!

I exhaled body hatred that led to an eating disorder, and inhaled love and acceptance for my healthy thiccc body!

Finding freedom from toxic barriers IS my Yoga.

I want to invite you to a community, where everybody can find a Yoga, and where that Yoga sets them free!